Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scary Books - Ghosts and More Ghosts by Robert Arthur

Author Robert Arthur died in 1969, just a few years after I first read this wonderful book. He is also the author of the Three Investigators series which I discussed in an earlier blog post. He was a pulp writer for such magazines as Black Mask, Detective Fiction Weekly, Startling Stories, Unknown Worlds, Wonder Stories, and many more. I have been told that he penned a few Phantom Detective stories as well. He worked as a screenwriter and had a successful team-up with Alfred Hitchcock. In fact, it was Robert Arthur who collected most of the stories for those Alfred Hitchcock anthologies such as Stories that Scared Even Me. No less than twelve Hitchcock anthologies were compiled and edited by Robert Arthur. Ghosts and More Ghosts collects ten of his best pulp fiction tales. Published in 1963, it was followed by Mystery and More Mystery in 1966. The stories found here are all spooky gems: Footsteps Invisible, Mr. Milton's Gift, The Rose-Crystal Bell, The Marvelous Stamps from El Dorado, The Wonderful Day, Don't Be a Goose, Do You Believe in Ghosts?, Obstinate Uncle Otis, Mr. Dexter's Dragon, Hank Garvey's Daytime Ghost. My favorite story in the collection has always been The Marvelous Stamps from El Dorado followed by The Rose-Crystal Bell. This book was marketed as a “juvenile” and I read it when I was very young, but the stories are all sophisticated adult fare. Ghosts and More Ghosts by Robert Arthur remains one of my favorite books and I still own my original copy.

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