Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scary Books – The Ghost Rock Mystery by Mary C. Jane

Another juvenile from the Scholastic Book Club in elementary school, I also read Mary C. Jane’s Mystery at Shadow Pond. She was quite popular still in the 60s but I don’t know whatever happened to her. The Ghost Rock Mystery was originally published in 1956 and underwent at least six printings through 1968. That’s when I picked up this Scholastic Books copy with a great comic book style cover by Gerald McCann. Janice and Tommy go visit their aunt Annabelle in Maine and soon discover some strange things are going on. Who is creeping around the house at night? What is the source of a mysterious flickering light? And why can they hear ghostly hoofbeats near a large rock. Janice and Tommy need to find out the truth – is the Mountain View House really haunted? Mary C. Jane was a wonderful writer and all I know about her are the titles of her books. All these years later I wish I knew more. Maybe someone will read this post that knows more about this long forgotten writer and let me know. The Ghost Rock Mystery was a fun juvenile thriller from my youth.


  1. THOMAS,
    She wrote over a dozen children's mystery books. I got my copy in 1961 at Pierson via Scholastic Books. Fine read for a 8 year old lad. Reread it recently and still enjoyed it.
    Mary C Jane's obit at link below.
    Bruce Backlund,Sag Harbor,NY


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