Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scary Books – Duma Key by Stephen King

Stephen King doesn’t need any introduction from me so let’s get down to brass tacks. Duma Key, published in 2008, is his best book in recent years. I place it alongside such classics of horror as Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Shining and It as his best work. As you would expect, it’s long – 609 pages – and it’s a real page turner. Edgar Freemantle is a painter living in Duma Key, Florida. Edgar is trying to revitalize his life and career, but then strange things begin happening. Naturally, there are ghosts, and Edgar’s paintings begin to…change. This is a creepy but incredibly fun book that demonstrates King’s true gift as a writer. His characterizations are strong and the plot unfolds at a breathtaking pace. The descriptions are vivid and often mesmerizing. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Duma Key is a page turner because I was literally flipping the pages with excitement as I read it. The original edition features a fantastic wrap-around dust jacket by artist Mark Stutzman which adds to the first edition’s collectability. If you haven’t read a Stephen King novel recently then Duma Key is the one to pick up.

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