Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scary Books – The Arrow Book of Ghost Stories edited by Nora Kramer

This one dates back to 1965 when I bought it through the Scholastic Publishing book club in elementary school. A collection of short, short fiction for juveniles, some of these stories hold up quite well. The nine stories compiled here are: The King o’ the Cats by Joseph Jacobs, Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons by Walter R. Brooks, The Woodman and the Goblins by J.B. Esenwein and Marietta Stockard, The Wonderful Cat of Cobbie Bean by Barbee Oliver Carleton, Teeny Tiny by Joseph Jacobs, The Conjure Wives by Frances G. Wickes, Spook’s Bones by Louis C. Jones Which was Witch by Eleanore M. Jewett, and The Water Ghost by John Kendrick Bangs. Of these now long forgotten writers Joseph Jacobs was especially popular in that bygone era. I enjoyed all of these stories as a child and as you can see from the cover scan my original copy is dog-eared from years of re-reading. The Arrow Book of Ghost Stories is easy to find on used book sites. Check it out.

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