Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomahawk Comics – The Original Weird Western

A brief look at Tomahawk Comics….

The character of Tom Hawk, who later starred in Tomahawk Comics, originally appeared in Star Spangled Comics in the late 40s. He was dubbed “America’s Favorite Frontier Hero.” Tomahawk was created by writer Joe Samachson and artist Edmund Good. Tomahawk lasted 140 issues, from 1950 through 1972. I encountered the series in the mid 1960s. Shown here is issue 67 from March/April 1960. I don’t think this was the first time Tomahawk encountered a dinosaur. The series often mixed elements of fantasy, mythology and science fiction. 
The science fiction boon of the late 50s was undoubtedly responsible for the plethora of aliens, dinosaurs and strange monsters that began appearing in the pages of Tomahawk and other DC titles. This was wild but fun material. I understand most of the weird issues I recall such as this one were written by France Herron and drawn by Fred Ray.
Weird westerns are not always this entertaining. Looking back at these issues I think they worked because of their simplicity and raw imagination. Tomahawk Comics were unpretentious fun during a period of cultural upheaval. Maybe that’s why I liked them. They helped me forget the world’s grim problems for a little while. They certainly made an impression on my active imagination.

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