Saturday, August 11, 2012

Into the Mirror Black by Frank E. Bittinger

Frank Bittinger’s Into the Mirror Black is the first book of the Scarabae Saga and it’s frightfully delicious. Bittinger demonstrates a command of language, intricate but thoughtful plotting and realistic characters and dialogue. The suspense builds gradually and reaches a welcome crescendo. Here you’ll meet Nannette, Vanessa and Khris and this cool guy named Storm Cassavettes. Storm has moved to Maryland to claim his inheritance – a Victorian house – and he soon finds an old book filled with arcane symbols. Suddenly Storm is dragged into a complex life where his vivid dreams may hold the key to his past; where the ancient city An’khyr is vividly real. Where something – or someone from the past is plotting a return. This is a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Past histories, strange books, and some creepy goings on in the town of New Mystic all swept me along at a brisk pace. Into the Mirror Black is split into three sections: Shadows fall, Lost in the Shadows, and Shadows End. Storm Cassavettes is an intriguing character and there are ample plot twists to keep readers turning the pages. Of course there will be a sequel, and you’ll get a taste of Angels of the Seventh Dawn as a bonus. This is the first book I’ve read by Frank Bittinger but it won’t be my last. Into the Mirror Black is highly recommended. In fact, Halloween will be here before you know it and this book makes the perfect Halloween treat – so treat yourself to some scary fun!

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