Friday, August 3, 2012

Gunfight at Crippled Horse - Coming Soon!

“The Apaches named the place long before the white man came. The town existed in that no-man’s land of the southwestern desert where the distant mountains mock the water-starved rider. Heat mirages came and went in the blink of an eye, dancing like specters across the whispering sands. Crippled Horse was never listed on any maps. Three miles north the railroad passed a watering hole called Gila Junction which had once been a switching station for the Pony Express, and later a transfer station for the Wells Fargo stagecoach line, but the train never stopped at Gila Junction. The train passed twice a week like a screaming metal beast and occasionally a passenger peering from the window might glimpse the thin and dusty trail that led to Crippled Horse.”

J. T. Parker, Laramie Calhoun and Lee Taylor were legends in the west, notorious gunfighters, ruthless and fast on the draw, but they hadn’t been heard from in years. So when the three aging gunmen suddenly re-appear and ride into Crippled Horse asking questions about a missing Chinese boy they set in motion a series of bloody events that may very well become their last gunfight. Crippled Horse and its gold mine are a sweltering hellhole of murder and deception orchestrated by the ruthless Juno Eckstrom. But the arrival of enigmatic U. S. Marshal Maxfield Knight adds a player into the game who is capable of anything, and with a reputation that rivals that of Parker, Calhoun and Taylor. Juno Eckstrom is soon to discover there are men far more ruthless than himself, and who are willing to die in the name of justice.

This edition includes bonus stories
featuring U.S. Marshal Maxfield Knight
“The Ghosts at War Eagle Hill” and “The Outlaw’s Dance.”

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