Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photography by Thomas McNulty

Something there is, whose veiled creation was
Before the earth or the sky began to be;
So silent, so aloof and so alone,
It changes not, nor fails, but touches all;
Conceive it as the mother of the world.
Man conforms to the earth;
The earth conforms to the sky;
The sky conforms to the Way;
The Way conforms to its own nature.

-        From stana 25, Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

For a change of pace I decided to post a few of my photography samples. 
 I’ve been an avid shutterbug for many years. 
Of course I’m tempted to turn it into a little Zen lesson. 
Do you look at your feet when you walk? Try looking up. We live in an amazing world. 
Do you only “see” with your eyes? What is the nature of texture? 
Can you taste the sunset and crisp, autumn air in the third photograph? 

Walk through your neighborhood with a camera and take photos. 
Did you notice something new? 
Sometimes when taking pictures I’ve realized that 
the commonplaces are often extraordinary. 

When I look at the photograph of the deserted baseball diamond I can hear the 
summer voices of the boys and the roaring of the crowd.

The commonplace is really exotic, but overshadowed by 
the drumbeat of day-to-day living.

These photographs are abundant with life. Can you see it?

Where will the path lead you, and will you take responsibility for what you discover?

Be hungry like the cat, seek your prey. 

Text and all photography copyright © 2012 by Thomas McNulty
All of the photographs displayed here were taken in Crystal Lake, Illinois 
with the exception of the lion. 
I took that photograph at the Memphis Zoo last month.

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