Sunday, April 29, 2012

Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention 2012

They were all here just as I remembered them: Boxes of heroes, villains, monsters, femme fatales and a cowboy or two. For a second year I set-up a table at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention and hawked my books, most of which are westerns. People keep telling me the western is dead, and yet….I sold a few. In fact, I sold a lot of books this year for which I am grateful. My newest book, Werewolves!, a brief history of lycanthropes, sold like hotcakes. The Errol Flynn biography was also a hot commodity, followed by Trail of the Burned Man. I even sold a few copies of Wind Rider and Showdown at Snakebite Creek. I’m grateful to sell any book I wrote, but especially grateful when I sell a western. Frankly, I made a lot of money at this convention and recouped my expenses and then some.
It was a pleasure hanging out with some of the best “New Pulp” writers in the business: William Patrick Maynard (The Terror of Fu Manchu), Joe Bonadonna (Mad Shadows), Ron Fortier (Cavemen of New York), David C. Smith (Call of Shadows), B. C. Bell (Tales of the Bagman), Wayne Reinagel (Viktoriana), and Van Allan Plexico (Sentinels). All highly talented writers and nice guys. I’ll be reviewing and profiling many of their books in the coming months. Artists in attendance included Rob Davis, Kurt Mitchell, and Randy Broeker, among others. I’m always impressed by the array of original artwork on display at the Windy City Convention. It’s a visual treat just walking through the convention hall.
 Above: William Patrick Maynard and (below) authors Joe Bonadonna 
and David C. Smith
Naturally, I treated myself to some “items of interest” including some Robert Lory Dracula paperbacks, and the Haffner Press Terror in the House by Henry Kuttner, a deluxe and mammoth collection of early pulp classics. Tom Roberts and Black Dog Books had many new titles for sale and I’m currently reading The Adventurers
 Above: Authors Wayne Reinagel and Van Allan Plexico

This year the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Tarzan’s first appearance in the 1912 issue of All-Story magazine. There were plenty of Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp and paperbacks available for the canny shopper. 
Congratulations to Doug Ellis and company for another great convention! I’m looking forward to next year! Meanwhile, I have a lot of reading to do!
 Above: Author Ron Fortier and (below) author/artist Kurt Mitchell

To learn more about the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention click HERE!

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  1. Thank you, Tom! Great article! I had a blast meeting everyone, and a special thanks to you and Jan for inviting me to sit and chat with you both. That was another nice highlight of the show. Still haven't blogged about the show myself, but I will. And I will do a nice blog on Werewolves, a real sweet read. I have enough books to last me the next 5 years!!!


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