Friday, January 20, 2012

Witch World by Andre Norton

Here’s a classic science fiction novel from the legendary Andre Norton. This is the Ace paperback edition I encountered in the early 1970s. It’s all about ex-colonel Simon Tregarth who is persuaded by the mysterious group known as Siege Perilous, the ancient stone of power, who determines what value his life holds and then transports him to a world where his mind and spirit would be content. Witch World was unlike anything I had read at the time and remains a standout piece of writing from Miss Norton – and she was always good. The characterizations, dialogue and descriptions are memorable. The imagery is lush and laced with medieval trappings, mysticism, and pulp science fiction. I’ve never quite read a book like this one before or since, unless of course it was written by Miss Norton. She possessed an enviable talent for blending genres –science fiction, fantasy, noir thrillers and historical romance. Witch World is all of that and more. I believe this book is long out of print and deserving of a reprint as are so many of Andre Norton’s fine novels.

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