Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hellhole by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Hellhole makes a nice introduction to the work of Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson if you are unfamiliar with either their superb solo work or Dune continuation-collaboration novels. Hellhole is a great page-tuner and one of the best science fiction adventures I’ve read in quite some time. The planet Hallholme, better known as Hellhole because of its challenging environment, is home to defeated General Tiber Maximilian Adolphus who had lost his war against the corrupt government of the Constellation. Exiled on Hellhole he plots a fresh battle against the Constellation. But Hellhole is not all that it seems. As Tiber Adolphus prepares his plans for redemption other factions are at work that will either hinder him or assist him. Planet Hellhole is a melting pot of desperate characters, spies, plots and counter-plots, and most remarkable, the resurgence of an ancient alien race. I couldn’t put Hellhole down. The sub-plots are intricately woven and the entire story is mesmerizing. When I met Kevin Anderson for the first time at a recent book signing he told me Hellhole will be a trilogy with a shocking ending (I’m paraphrasing him) so if you’re interested in good old-fashioned space opera this is it. Hellhole is at the top of my list for recommended books this month.

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