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Errol Flynn – Your Questions Answered!

Some of the frequent questions that come flying into my e-mail are: “Was Errol Flynn a homosexual?” and “Was Errol Flynn a Nazi spy?” Occasionally some politically correct nitwit phrases the first question as “Was Errol Flynn gay?” The answer is NO to both questions. For the record: No, Errol Flynn was not a homosexual and Errol Flynn was not a Nazi spy. I no longer answer e-mails regarding Flynn unless they are professional inquiries from reliable sources. I routinely delete most e-mails from strangers after I or my assistant give them a cursory glance. So save your energy. I am posting this to put these questions to rest for you cyberspace explorers with all of that time on your hands.

Now let’s examine how these myths originated.

Charles Higham is largely responsible for creating the Nazi spy myth. His 1980 book, Errol Flynn: The Untold Story was an instant success and set the standard for sleazy biographies to come. But there was one problem – he made it all up. A close examination revealed that he altered some of the government documents and studio documents that he was quoting. He did this to advance his theories of Nazi complicity and homosexual activity. He also relied on unsubstantiated gossip. Most critics took issue with Higham immediately, but all the negative press simply helped sell copies. Thus was created what I refer to as the “water cooler effect” in modern culture. The unsuspecting public hears a five second quote on the news – “Author Charles Higham alleges that actor Errol Flynn was a Nazi spy....” – which gets translated at the office water cooler the next day as “Did you hear that Errol Flynn was a Nazi spy?” And so in a large sense the public is part and parcel to Higham’s lunacy. Over time the gossip gets accepted as fact. Photographs of Flynn wearing a German soldier’s uniform from the 1942 film Desperate Journey add to the illusion.
Journalist William Donati documented Higham’s deception and his groundbreaking text can be found as an appendix in My Days With Errol Flynn by Buster Wiles. This book is now considered one of the primary sources on Flynn as well as being noted for Donati’s outstanding investigative journalism. Tony Thomas, one of Flynn’s first (and best) biographers countered all of Higham’s claims in his superlative Errol Flynn: The Spy Who Never Was. This book should also be considered a primary source on Flynn. Interested readers will find both books a fascinating examination of not only Flynn but of a con-man named Charles Higham.

The homosexual myth was recycled by David Bret with Errol Flynn: Satan’s Angel which has been re-released as Errol Flynn: Gentleman Hellraiser. No matter the title the book is full of nonsense. To read my account of shooting this book click HERE. David Bret is well known for cranking out venomous diatribes on his blog and his many books are equally reviled for their lack of historical content. David Bret clearly doesn’t know the difference between a primary source and a secondary source, but the real problem is a lack of caring. I’m talking about a man who fancies himself a baritone but who intentionally warbles like a pre-menstrual prima donna.

So there you have it, an Anatomy of Injustice. For serious readers interested in Errol Flynn I strongly recommend the following books. Although some of these are minor bibliographic entries I’ve included them because in some way they managed to add to our knowledge of Flynn’s life and career. Future work by Louis Kraft, Robert Florczak and others will amend and add to our growing knowledge on Flynn.

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  2. I have your book. I just want to thank you for your dedication to Errol Flynn's legacy. Your book is a well-researched, fact-based and serious endeavor for an extraordinary while sad life. Errol Flynn, this one-of-a-kind and larger-than-life icon, deserves to be celebrated and remembered. He has been so underrated as an actor. His way of life has been so misunderstood. Like you saying, reading and understanding his later years make one heartbroken.


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