Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Errol Flynn goes to paperback in one week!

McFarland Publishers has announced my Errol Flynn biography gets re-published in paperback format next week. This supercedes their previous announcement of a spring release. The Book should be available through Amazon and all retail book outlets by October 31st. The retail list price is $40.00 - still high but much better than the hardcover's $65.00 price tag. The hardcover is now officially out of print. I want to thank everyone that supported this book since it was published in 2004. It has been  a steady seller and I thank you.

Errol Flynn set the standard for the modern action hero in films like The Adventures of Robin Hood, Dodge City, and The Sea Hawk. This biography follows Flynn from his birth in Tasmania, Australia, in 1909, to his death in Vancouver, Canada, in 1959. Included is analysis of his films, discussion of the 1943 rape trial that changed his life, a survey of the FBI’s infamous surveillance, and the first detailed account of his television appearances in the 1950s. First-hand interviews with Flynn’s friends and colleagues are complemented by research from FBI files, correspondence, Flynn’s diary, and other sources. Illustrated with rare and previously unpublished photographs, the study also gives attention to the historical backgrounds and cultural influences that contributed to Flynn’s fame; the work takes an objective and analytical look at the actor’s adventurous life.

The study includes two appendices: the first is a collection of quotations from various celebrities, from memories of his talent and style to anecdotes about his wild pool parties. The second appendix is a filmography including all Flynn’s work for film, stage, and television, with cast and crew information

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