Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who is U.S. Marshal Maxfield Knight?

U.S. Marshal Maxfield Knight made his first appearance in the story “Justice at Ten Sleep Canyon” which is featured as a bonus story in Thomas McNulty’s Death Rides a Palomino. McNulty created Knight as the first reoccurring character in his westerns. Knight will appear in additional short stories, novels and novellas. Some of these will be published by Robert Hale in London as part of their famed Black Horse Western imprints while others will debut in unique print-on-demand venues.

Maxfield Knight is a man haunted by his past. All those long years ago he marched with General Sherman to the sea after watching Atlanta burn. Many years later he declined an opportunity to join the Texas Rangers but after his wife’s murder he became a part of the U.S. Marshal’s service with a reputation for ferocity.

U.S. Marshal Maxfield Knight plays a pivotal role in Showdown at Snakebite Creek currently available from Robert Hale Books. According to Barney Snardbuckle, McNulty’s manager, the author is currently on an expedition to the Amazon rainforest where he is researching the effects of butterfly wing fuzz on the anteater population. McNulty has stated, via smoke signals, that he appreciates those Internet surfers who have read this far down on the page. Research statistics indicate that 98% of blog readers don’t use the scroll bar and possess the attention span of a flea. Mr. McNulty would like to encourage all Kindle users to consider shooting their Kindles.

Both Death Rides a Palomino and Showdown at Snakebite Creek are available as actual books that you can hold in your hands. Yes, you have to turn the page and read them line by line. No, your mommy won’t like them, but your father will love ‘em.

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