Sunday, July 10, 2011

Retro Western Romance Paperback

Here’s a nifty little paperback from 1974 that I found at the Twice Told Tales bookstore here in Crystal Lake. Twelve western short stories that, according to Peggy Simpson Curry in her introduction, “give us a dozen different ways of looking at love in the American west.”

Western Romances, Fawcett Gold Medal, 1973
The contents and their original publication dates:

 The Bride Wore Spurs by Peggy Simpson Curry, 1953
The Wonderful Race at Rimrock by D. D. Beauchamp, 1945
Prisoners of the Snow by S. Omar Barker, 1962
The Cache and the Convict by T. V. Olsen, 1956
Catalog Woman by Barlow Meyers, 1946
Winchester Wedding by Wayne D. Overholster, 1953
Woman Trader by Hal G. Evarts, 1951
Run Out of Town by Todhunter Ballard, 1950
Wilderness Gamble by Kenneth Fowler, 1947
Cage the Bird by William R. Cox, 1973
Too Young, Too Far Away by Eric Allen, 1953
Flower of the Mescalero by Eric Allen, 1954

A fairly light-hearted collection, the stand-out stories were “The Bride Wore Spurs,”  Winchester Wedding,” and “Flower of the Mescalero.”

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