Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pulp Classics: A Transaction in Diamonds by Talbot Mundy

A Transaction in Diamonds is the first volume of the Talbot Mundy library published by Black Dog Books. All of these stories were published in 1911, Mundy’s first year as a professional writer. For those of you who haven’t yet enjoyed one of Mundy’s adventures tales this is the place to begin. Featuring an outstanding introduction by Library of Congress archivist and Mundy biographer Brian Taves, these fourteen stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mundy’s style is typical for the period but his intelligence and insight into human nature elevate him to a higher rank than some of the writers from the same year. Keeping in mind that these are pre-First World War stories that reflect something of the Colonialism and lingering Victorian morality that were endemic to the era. Here it is one hundred years later and the demand for Talbot Mundy stories is being met by Black Dog Books. Some of the wonderful stories included here are “The Phantom Battery,” “Sentence of Death,” and “Kitty and Cupid” one of several stories featuring actress Kitty Crothers. My favorites in this collection were “The Fire-Cop” and “The Phantom Battery.” The excellent cover is by Tom Roberts.
Talbot Mundy

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