Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pulp Classics: The Green Spider by Sax Rohmer

Tom Roberts and his crew at Black Dog Books continue their outstanding line of quality reprints at a breakneck pace and I’m still playing catch-up trying to get everything they’ve published. Not to be missed is the collection of tales by Arthur Sarsfield Ward, better known as Sax Rohmer, creator of the nefarious Fu Manchu. This collection of rarities by Rohmer includes “The Zayat Kiss,” the very first Fu Manchu story. Gene Christie’s literate and informative introduction offers insight into Rohmer’s early career and the creative process that led him to becoming the best-selling author of the famous Dr. Fu Manchu thrillers. The thirteen stories are all outstanding with my favorites being the “The Green Spider” followed by “The Mystery of the Marsh Hole,” “The Mysterious Mummy,” and the classic “The Haunting of Low Fennel.” These stories span the years 1904 -1922. The Green Spider and Other Forgotten Tales of Mystery and Suspense is the first of several Sax Rohmer volumes planned by Black Dog Books. All of the volumes from Black Dog Books are beautifully designed, high quality paperbacks, economically priced, and would make a great addition to your home pulp library. To top it off The Green Spider features an original cover by Tom Roberts.
Sax Rohmer

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