Monday, May 23, 2011

Wind Rider Gallops into Large Print Paperback!

To order a copy of this book please contact:

Ulverscroft Large Print (USA) Inc.,
950A Union road, Suite 427
P.O. Box 1230,
West Seneca,
NY 14224-1230
Telephone: 716 674 4270
Toll Free: 1 800 955 9659
Fax: 716 674 4195
His name is Hank Benteen, but the Sioux call him Wind Rider. When Benteen rides into a Wyoming valley he saves a homesteader's life and that of his two children, but there's a range war brewing and some of the cowboys are hiding a murderous secret. Suddenly Benteen finds himself involved in a deadly conflict as he resolves to help the homesteaders against impossible odds. It isn't long before Benteen finds himself the target of two greedy men intent on killing him. Their dream of acquiring land by forcing out the homesteaders has turned into a deadly game and Benteen will need all of his skills as a gunman in order to survive.

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