Saturday, March 5, 2011

Showdown at Snakebite Creek

After a seven year absence Cole Tibbs returned to Raven Flats looking to settle an old grudge. But settling a grudge and surviving are two different things. Cole’s only friend, Pap Wingfoot, offers sage advice: “Get out of town before they kill you.” Seven Years ago his father had been murdered alongside Snakebite Creek and Cole wanted justice. Soon he finds himself opposing a greedy landowner named Carleton Usher, his ruthless sons, and a merciless group of killers. The arrival of enigmatic U.S. Marshal Maxfield Knight raises the stakes in a deadly game of survival.  As the bodies begin stacking up like firewood Cole realizes he has only two things in his favor – his ruthless determination to set things right and his ability with a gun.

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