Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frederick Remington – Novelist!

Frederick Remington (1861-1909) is best known as a painter of the American west, but he also published many novels. Among these John Ermine of the Yellowstone is among the best. Published in 1902, the characters in the novel were inspired by the people he met during his many travels on the frontier. John Ermine of the Yellowstone is a tragedy about Ermine’s struggle to serve in the U.S. Army although he’s an Indian at heart. Raised by the Crow Indians, Ermine will learn the hard lessons of a frontier that knows no mercy. Remington’s prose is concise, colorful and realistic as one would expect. This, in fact, was Remington’s last novel.

Photo: Fight for the Waterhole (partial enlargement) by Frederick Remington, 1903

Note: The book cover is the current Barnes & Noble edition with a fanciful painting of Wild Bill Hickok which obviously has nothing to do with Remington’s novel.

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