Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturn and Jupiter Images From Nasa!

For those interested in Space Exploration Nasa'a educational website features a photo journal that has some amazing images. Visit their website HERE

The few samples selected here are:

1: Jupiter Polar Winds Movie Blowup at Full Resolution.
2: PIA12652: Tethys in the Fore: A pair of small moons join Saturn's second largest moon in this Cassini spacecraft image spotlighting Rhea in front of the rings.
3: PIA11648: Enormous Elongated Shadow : The shadow of Saturn's largest moon darkens a huge portion of the gas giant planet.
4: PIA02873: High Resolution Globe of Jupiter.

Mind boggling material!

 "Space is deep, Man is small and Time is his relentless enemy." - L. Ron Hubbard, TO THE STARS (1950)


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