Saturday, November 6, 2010

REVIEW: Tanner’s Guns by Matt Logan

I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of Tanner’s Guns from author David Whitehead who publishes under several pseudonyms including Matt Logan, Ben Bridges, Carter West and many others. He is prolific and he’s good. He is well known as a veteran Black Horse Western writer for the famed series from Robert Hale Publishers. He also writes mysteries and romance novels. He is currently co-authoring suspense novels with veteran Hollywood screenwriter and novelist Steve Hayes. Every book that David Whitehead has written is a top-flight entertainment.

Tanner’s Guns is set in Mexico in 1913 during the revolution. Jake Tanner is a tough guy with the task of helping Elliot Blaze sell is arsenal of weapons. This large-print edition makes for a fun western. Whitehead has done his homework and the historical backdrop is accurate and adds depth to this exciting tale. Now I despise reviews and blurbs by publishers and reviewers who say insane things like “He writes as good as Louis L’Amour” because such hyperbole is generally inaccurate and reflects an ignorance of literary history. But I will say that David Whitehead is equally as entertaining as Louis L’Amour, Mickey Spillane, David Morrell or any other writer of masculine adventures that I so admire. David Whitehead is his own man. Tanner’s Guns is the type of story where “The deep, unsociable roar of a carbine cut across the night.” (p. 93). This is no-holds barred, full-contact writing. No sissies allowed. Kudos to David Whitehead for keeping that tradition alive during an era where bookstores are filled with pantywaist chick lit.

Please visit David’s website HERE, write down some of his book titles and order them!


  1. Thanks for the very positive review, Tom. I am MORE than delighted by it! And at the risk of sounding more like a mutual appreciation society, I have to say that these observations mean so much more coming from a pretty neat western writer like yourself!

  2. My pleasure, pardner! I remain in awe of your talent and that of Howard Hopkins, Ian Parnham, and Chap O'Keefe to name but a few! I consider myself a very lucky man to even be here doing this.


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