Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New from Steve Hayes and David Whitehead!

My long-distance friends Steve Hayes (California) and David Whitehead (England) have written yet another book together. It looks to be another exciting adventure from these two superb craftsmen and in the future I’ll be posting reviews of their books. Here’s the blurb:

The president himself gave Special Agent Gus Novacek his orders. He had to stop Koji Shaguma's sinister Armageddon cult before it destroyed the world. But that was easier said than done. Armageddon struck first in Tokyo, then Paris, then London and finally New York, and Gus always seemed to be one step behind the murderous fanatics. Then fate stepped in and set the stage for the final bloody confrontation aboard a hijacked plane bound for Algiers. A plane that was rapidly losing fuel. A plane that was going to crash in the Atlantic and kill everyone on board, unless Gus could find a way to avert total disaster.

To learn more about David Whitehead click HERE

To learn more about Steve Hayes click HERE

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