Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tony Curtis: A Memorable Moment

I was fortunate to meet Tony Curtis twice. First in 1993 at a book signing (see photo) and again last year at a film memorabilia convention in Chicago. I found him charming, articulate and compassionate. My favorite memory happened when I was watching him interact with fans in a bookstore. I remember a young woman walked in with her newborn and Tony said “Here, let me hold her.” And he held the baby girl so that the woman could snap photos of her child with a movie star. The woman was thrilled and nearly overcome by his kindness. I’ll never forget the grateful look on that woman’s face as Tony cooed with her beautiful child. He was a fantastic actor and obviously a kind man. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace Tony Curtis.


  1. I met Tony Curtis after several years of nearly meeting him in Honolulu, at the Zoo, and later in Seattle at a gallery where a showing of his painting was held. I missed him by an hour at the zoo and five minutes at the gallery. Finally, I met him after seeing the live stage musical version of his famous film SOME LIKE IT HOT at the Paramount Theatre on the sidewalk outside. He was dressed in shorts and greeting about a dozen or so lucky people who had gathered outside hoping he might come out to see them. He was funny and warm just as you described him and gave personal attention to each person. Nobody else mattered at the that moment, and he put his arm around me with real warmth and I was just beaming in the photo that someone took for me. I always wanted to go visit his and Jill Curtis's Shilo Rescue horse ranch while he was still alive and it never happened. I found out there is a documentary you can get on Netflix featuring them both about the ranch and I have it coming. Who knows, I might yet make that trip...

  2. Dave, thanks for sharing this great memory! I really appreciate it. I liked Tony a great deal and wish had had had the chance to interview him.


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