Saturday, October 30, 2010

So You Wanna Be A Cowboy – Here’s How!

No longer content to read a western in the comfort of an easy chair? Do you occasionally get the itch to strap on a gunbelt and swagger out with a blazing six-shooter? Of course you do. But in these repressive times you need to be careful where you swagger and where you’re pointing that pistol, pilgrim! SASS (Single-Action Shooting Society) may have a club near you. SASS is the predominant organization behind a sport known as “Cowboy Action Shooting” which is the fastest growing sport in the United States. Men, women and youngsters alike all enjoy shooting safely with their trail pards. NOTE: Cowboy Action Shooting is not a “re-enactor’s” sport. The guns are real and we use live ammunition shooting at stationary metal targets. To participate you’ll need a shotgun, a rifle, two six-shooters, a holster and at least a cowboy hat. You get to pick your own alias such as “Buckshot Smith” or “Dandy Derringer Jones.” SASS has clubs in England,  Canada, Australia and every state in the Union.

Visit the SASS website HERE for more information.
Visit the Uberti Firearms website HERE.
Visit the Ruger Firearms website HERE.
Visit the Cimarron Firearms website HERE.
Visit the Henry Firearms website HERE.
Visit Wild West Mercantile HERE.

PHOTOS: Tom McNulty shooting a Henry Big Boy rifle; 
Jan McNulty shooting Cimarron’s 1873 Winchester, Trapper model

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